Now Accepting Applications for Envision Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellowships

Dr. Laura Walker, Executive Director, ERI - Sep 02, 2016

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Are you passionate about improving the quality of life for people who are blind or visually impaired? Are you ready to help remove the functional barriers these individuals face while building a rewarding career in research? Here at the Envision Research Institute (ERI), we’re looking for enthusiastic and innovative research fellows who can partner with ERI mentors to conduct projects from concept to completion. For up to two years, you’ll work and train at ERI and renowned institutions across the globe as you develop the crucial skills and knowledge you need for a successful, independent career.


You must have received your PhD, MD, OD, OTD or equivalent doctorate before the start of our fellowship program. Keep in mind, however, that Envision has always encouraged a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, which is why the emphasis of your current degree is less relevant than the intended plan going forward. We want people who can take their diverse educational backgrounds and apply them in innovative ways—which is also why we believe in a flexible training and research plan that’s customized to fit your goals as well as those of ERI.


Envision Research Institute offers a unique combination of environment and resources. Our projects involve close collaboration and integration with Envision’s many programs and services for those who are blind or visually impaired. Having access to this large, diverse community—from the vision-integrated preschool to the state-of-the-art vision rehabilitation center—puts us at a distinct advantage to address this underserved community’s needs and improve quality of life through our research endeavors.

Learn more about our selection process, program benefits and more via our Fellowship Handbook