Four years later, Michael Monteferrante still loves his job

Angela Cato - Feb 13, 2017

Michael Monteferrante was named president and CEO of Envision on January 1, 2013. Every day since, he has led by example.
He expects the people around him to work hard because he pushes himself to make the most out of every minute. He asks employees to set goals because he starts every day by asking himself, “What else can Envision do to expand work opportunities and services for people who are blind or visually impaired?” He encourages others to donate their time and money to further Envision’s mission because he and his wife, Teri, faithfully give back to the organization every chance they get. Most of all, Michael insists that every member of his adopted Envision family smile as often as possible because – you guessed it – he’s a guy who likes to have fun.
“I really enjoy what we’re doing and I really love this job,” he said. “People are on the move here. We’re not a sleepy not-for-profit.”
There’s one comment Michael received on his first day on the job that has stuck with him all these years. When he was touring the plant floor at Water St., an employee came up to him and said, “Hey, we’re calling you No. 5,” in reference to him being the fifth CEO in five years. Well, the days of Michael being “No. 5” are long gone, as he has been the No. 1 driving force in establishing Envision as a model organization for others around the country to follow, first as an Envision board member from 2005-2010 and now as CEO.