Envision gift tops Pratt resident’s gratitude list

Angela Cato - Dec 18, 2017

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“I am so pleased to have a way to send my letters to my friends and you, a best friend to me,” an inscription on a card sent to Karen Kendrick, occupational therapist in the Envision Vision Rehabilitation Center (EVRC), from Lela, a 92-year-old woman living in Pratt, Kansas.

What led to such a heartfelt note? Lela was finally able to return to her love of reading and writing, thanks to the CCTV video magnifier she received from the EVRC. Lela described her life as essentially being put on pause after her own CCTV had broken two months earlier. With the EVRC gift, she was finally able to start living again.
All of the pieces just fell in place for the EVRC to help Lela. With Pratt falling outside of the EVRC’s Focus Grant area, the EVRC didn’t have access to funds to purchase the assistive technology for her. It just so happened, though, that a CCTV had been donated to the EVRC to give to anyone in need. It’s as if it had Lela’s name on it.
Lela’s six children were just as happy as she was when it was delivered, with her daughter Renea commenting, “To Karen and the entire staff at Envision, there are no words to adequately describe how much we appreciate your attention to our mother. What a happy day it was to watch her reading the paper this morning,”
The words of thanks Karen receives from her patients and families push her to work even harder every day to improve the quality of life of patients to help them keep their independence.
“(Lela’s story) is why we do what we do, and why I come to work every day,” Karen said. “I truly enjoy my job and love to see the smiling faces on my patients!”
While the holidays put a temporary focus on giving thanks, the stories of gratitude from people served by the EVRC come in year-round.The people who support Envision in the Wichita community and around the country make it possible for the EVRC to reach out and help older adults like Lela every day, regardless of their ability to pay. And for that, we say thank you!
To learn more about the EVRC or inquire about services for yourself or someone you know, call 316-440-1600 or go online to https://www.envisionus.com/How-We-Help/Rehabilitation-Therapy.