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PRIDE allows Jessica Pruitt to ‘be part of the real world and fulfill her purpose’

Angela Cato - Aug 17, 2020

Every weekday, Jessica Pruitt wakes up excited to go see her second “family” in Envision’s PRIDE day support program. “This program means the world to her,” said Connie, Jessica’s mother. “She has been involved in PRIDE for over 12 years. It has been a critical part of her developing independence and confidence.”
Jessica has cerebral palsy and is legally blind. In PRIDE, which stands for People Reaching for Independence and the Development of Excellence, she has thrived. The program encourages individuals who are legally blind and have an intellectual or developmental disability to reach for their fulljessica.jpg potential and feel connected to the community and others around them.
Jessica joins her fellow PRIDE participants Monday-Friday for activities such as art, yoga, Braille instruction, bowling, movies and more. Jessica’s favorite day is Friday – Karaoke Day!  In addition, all PRIDE members are given the choice to spend part of their week earning a paycheck and further developing their life skills by completing mailing, packaging and small assembly projects for local businesses.
“Jessica loves to help,” said Dawn Dennis, PRIDE’s senior direct support professional. “One of her favorite activities, besides karaoke, is working. She is so determined to learn new activities and really enjoys being able to contribute to society.”
PRIDE centers around giving participants the specialized tools and resources they need to express themselves, build self-confidence and live fulfilled lives.
“Jessica’s leadership skills have improved so much with the help of PRIDE,” Connie said. “She is able to have real friends, be a part of the real world and fulfill her purpose. We are forever grateful to the lasting impact PRIDE is having within Jessica’s life and the community.”
Get familiar with everything PRIDE offers its participants at https://www.envisionus.com/How-We-Help/Day-Support-Service.