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Envision Engages Medal of Honor Recipient Sal Giunta to Strengthen Government/Military Ties and Sales

July 21, 2015
Envision announced today that Salvatore Giunta, a retired staff sergeant of the U.S. Army, will be working with the organization as a contractor, helping with military and governmental affairs. In 2010, Giunta became the first living service member from the Iraq or Afghanistan wars to receive a Presidential Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry and the first living service member to be awarded the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War.

Giunta will work with Buddy Sell, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Base Supply Center (BSC) Operations, on Envision’s policy development and analysis, advocacy and coalition-building efforts with the goal of expanding savings and creating new asset-building opportunities with the government and military. He will also focus on further establishing Envision as a key resource with elected officials, regulatory agencies and key policymakers. Envision has 16 Base Supply Center (BSC) stores on military installations in 10 different states across the U.S., and government orders make up the majority of the organization’s manufacturing contracts.  

Having joined the U.S. Army in late 2003, Giunta was deployed to Afghanistan in March 2005 for a one-year tour, and returned there in May 2007 for a second tour of 14 months. As a rifle-team leader in October 2007, he was conducting a patrol with six other platoon members in a deadly region of Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley when the troops fell victim to a Taliban ambush. His actions, moving without regard to the ongoing fire so as to rescue a downed squad leader and others who were trapped, injured and captured, demonstrated “unwavering courage, selflessness and decisive leadership,” in the words of President Obama, resulting in a defeat for the enemy and the recovery of a fellow American soldier. In addition to the Medal of Honor, he has received a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star, a Meritorious Service Medal and numerous other commendations. His platoon was featured in the 2010 war documentary, Restrepo. He is a speaker with the Washington Speakers Bureau, and the author of a memoir, “Living with Honor,” published in 2013.

“We are honored and excited to have Sal assisting our team,” says Michael Monteferrante, CEO/President of Envision. “His actions on the field of battle engender the type of pride and selflessness that we look to inspire every day in all who serve in and are served by our organization. Additionally, his insight and experience as a seasoned and decorated serviceman will provide an impassioned and earnest connection to the government and military entities that hold such a high stake in the success of our ongoing efforts.”

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