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Envision Debuts New Website

July 15, 2015
Envision today announced the debut of its revamped website, www.EnvisionUs.com, designed to better illustrate its numerous and increasing facets and provide a stronger,  more flexible foundation upon which to expand the organization’s online presence in the future.

The new site reflects the evolution undergone by Envision in its continuous drive to improve the quality of life and provide inspiration for the blind and visually impaired through employment, outreach, rehabilitation, education and research. The design, structure and content all have been retooled to make it easier for all stakeholders in that mission to interface with the organization, whether they are people affected by vision loss or impairment, professionals dedicated to improving the lives of such individuals, donors whose support helps fund Envision’s ongoing activity, volunteers looking to assist in the execution of Envision’s programs and services, job seekers hoping to secure employment within the organization, or other organizations interested in partnerships or purchasing Envision’s products and services.

The new website represents the ever-increasing breadth of this activity, said Heather Hogan, Senior Vice President of Foundation and Mission Services, and acknowledges that Envision’s evolutionary process is far from over.

“Our goal is to keep Envision within easy reach of all who can help and be helped by our mission,” Hogan said. “That requires a dynamic, robust website, one that provides the most comprehensive picture of who we are today, is agile enough to evolve as we continue to evolve, and is optimized both for access by those who are blind or visually impaired and by the broader community. Our new home on the web makes great strides toward meeting all of these needs, and we will continue looking for additional ways to enhance it.”

Improvements in accessibility include optimizing the new site to work with assistive technology such as screen readers and magnifiers. More vivid imagery and video have been added to tell the Envision story, and a section labeled “Our Stories” brings Envision to life by introducing visitors to a wide variety of individuals relating how their ties to the organization have had a positive impact on their lives. Other features include quick access to a blog that highlights the people and aspects that make up the Envision community, a calendar of coming events, and of course, a tab to access an online donation form to help support the organization’s efforts.

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