Xpress employee is a newsmaker!

Angela Cato - Feb 10, 2016

Tags: Xpress   
Robert Weinberg’s life story has made news at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado. The Envision Xpress employee was recently featured by the public affairs office on the base’s official website. The article centered on his accomplishments as a photographer in the mid-1970s through 2003, when his vision loss led him to pursue other work at the Xpress store.

“Robert is a terrific employee and friend,” Xpress Manager Dave McCrady said in the article. “He is an extremely valuable resource for Envision because he embodies the very lifestyle that our foundation promotes. He is an ambassador for the company and maintains a high profile on base. His outlook on life, his gregarious nature, his background in the arts and his fierce independence are inspirational for everyone here at the base supply center and the customers."