​And the 2015 Employee of the Year Awards go to … William Quist and Kelly Leonard

Angela Cato - Feb 05, 2016

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The awards season in Hollywood is in full swing, honoring the best performances from 2015. If Envision had its own version of the Golden Globes or Oscars, William Quist and Kelly Leonard would be one of the first honorees called onto the stage for their exceptional achievements on the job. 

Both William and Kelly represented Envision as the recipients of National Industries for the Blind (NIB) awards last year. They received their awards at the 2015 NIB/NAEPB (National Association for the Employment of People Who Are Blind) National Conference and Expo in Arlington, Va. The NIB is expected to announce the 2016 award winners this spring. 

William received the Milton J. Samuelson Career Achievement Award.  Hired in 2011 as a shipping and receiving clerk for the Envision Xpress Base Supply Center (BSC) at Minot Air Force Base, William is now assistant manager of the BSC. His work ethic, dedication, and drive set him apart from others, making him a perfect candidate to consider when an upward mobility position became available.  

“It’s good to be acknowledged for your work,” William said in regard to winning the award. “The best part of my job is the challenge of every day being different. I enjoy being a problem solver.”

With his bachelor’s degree in applied studies business information technology, he has saved the store countless hours of research by taking it upon himself to fully learn all aspects of the Envision base serve center’s website, from the side the client views to the back end. That led to streamlining computer processes. William’s attention to detail is outstanding – he received and processed more than $2 million in contract and store stock items with an error rate of less than one-half of one percent. He works closely with unit deployment managers to ensure troops are fully equipped. In his spare time, he enjoys computer programming and is active in a pool league.

Kelly was honored with the Peter J. Salmon Award. An employee at Envision for more than 12 years, Kelly has served as a bag folder/picker at the manufacturing plant throughout his time with the agency. Recognized as friendly, polite and respectful to all, Kelly is always willing to change places with a co-worker who is struggling, support other areas in the plant if needed and work with new or inexperienced employees. An engaging employee with an uplifting presence, Kelly is helpful with tours, telling visitors about how he performs his job, how much he enjoys it and sharing his pride in being an Envision employee.

“I was really shocked when I heard about the award because I had never won anything that big before,” said Kelly, whose Peter J. Salmon Award is now displayed in his living room so everyone can see it. “I love working at Envision and I love all of the people. Even though I may have to wait for a while, my goal now is to win Employee of the Year again by continuing to do an outstanding job at work and volunteering in the community.”

Another testimony to Kelly’s support for Envision’s mission is his participation in many Envision and employee-sponsored events that take place throughout the year, whether it’s wearing a costume during Fall Fest, sporting his favorite team’s jersey at a March Madness event or dressing up for the annual Envision Gala.